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master-of-spuds asked:

Do you still play Elder Scrolls Online? Are there any good points to playing ESO?

Yes, I do still play TESO - I have since April and I have no plans to stop. I’m currently level 49 and about to go and ruin Molag Bal’s day - and then maybe continue the adventures of Noelie futher, or pick some other character for a change. I haven’t decided yet.

Sadly, I can’t give any definitive answers to whether a person should or should not play the game. While I enjoy TESO very much, I also know a lot of people who don’t like it. At all. It really depends on what you are expecting the game to be and what are you playing the game for. If you wish to focus on PvP your experience might be dramatically different from someone who only wants to play PvE, for example. Video games can be very subjective experiences so I’d recommend everyone to form their own opinion about it. After all, an issue that is immensely annoying to one person, can be just mildly inconveniencing to someone else.

As I said, personally I’ve had fun with the game. Since my time is limited (because of work and such) it’s the only game I’ve been playing for past three months or so - and for that I have no regrets. So far there has been a couple of big content patches which have made some improvements, and a new one is on its way. Also, there are add-ons available which will help you customize the game a bit more to your liking - there are battle logs, inventory or bank sorting tools, and extra map icons which you can download and install to your game, for example. If a person is a big fan of Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood they might want to wait a bit longer for Zenimax to add those factions to the game - currently there are only three joinable guilds available: Mages Guild, Fighters Guild and the Undaunted. Also, I’ve heard that Nightblade and stamina based builds in general still need some work. I haven’t get to know that class yet so it’s just a hearsay from my part. My own playthrough as a DPS Sorcerer has been very enjoyable, however. Some people complain about a lot of bugs, but personally I’ve only come across some graphic glitches, few minor bugs and a broken questline which got me stuck for few days. Nothing to throw a fit about, though.

Not really sure what more to add… Like I said, it really depends on your personal preferences whether you’re going to like the game or not. Since there is no trial version available, I’d recommend those interested in TESO heading to YouTube and looking up some recent (as things have changed since the patches) Let’s Play videos or other clips that show the gameplay and quests. The only piece of advice I can think of giving is to go, see for yourself and learn what the game is about - and then think of it what you will.

There is this con coming soon and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a cosplay idea. Last year I was Sansa Stark which worked pretty nicely, but this time I’m just not sure what to go for. I don’t normally go asking around things like this, but feel free to throw some ideas if you have any. Any thoughts on who I might cosplay as?

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