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There is this con coming soon and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a cosplay idea. Last year I was Sansa Stark which worked pretty nicely, but this time I’m just not sure what to go for. I don’t normally go asking around things like this, but feel free to throw some ideas if you have any. Any thoughts on who I might cosplay as?

Sometimes I have hard time remembering that Coldharbour is supposed to be a horrible and miserable place because the whole realm is so aesthetically pleasing to be. Like I’m there with my companion, trying to save some NPC from terrible torture or whatnot and I’m constantly distracted by pretty shiny sceneries…

"Quick, hero, we must save him!"

"Yes, absolutely, we shall go instant- Ooh, but would you look at that view! So lovely!” *stops to take twelve screenshots*

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