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the-splendid-naked-officer asked:

Isriana-chan! Do you plan on getting the Sims 4, and make your Skyrim characters as sims? :D

Hey! :D To be honest, not really. As much as I’d like to create my characters in Sims 4, I doubt I’m going to get the game. I own both Sims 2 and Sims 3 plus most of the expansion packs (I don’t even want to count how much money I’ve already thrown to EA), and I don’t feel like starting the whole process all over again anytime soon.

Also, while Sims 4 certainly has some new cool looking features and things I’d like to try, this post kind of added a whole lot of reasons why I’m just going to keep playing the previous games instead of buying the new one. To me Sims is all about customization and modding and stuff - having less features than I already have doesn’t sound that appealing to me.

So I guess I’ll just have to keep creating them in Sims 3… ;)

Today was my last official day at work and suddenly I feel kind of wistful. It’s funny how attached you can get to people with whom you share a little office space - eight hours a day, for over three months, no less. I still have a lot of independent work to do, and I’m sure I’ll visit them occasionally during this year and all, but wow I’m really gonna miss seeing those folks on a daily basis. :<

Next Monday, back to the university.

It has been a kind of rainy and glum day so I entertained myself by watching old video clips of Nemo. I thought I’d share this one from the last December - a baby ragdoll vs. a candy wrapper… :D

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