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Today was my last official day at work and suddenly I feel kind of wistful. It’s funny how attached you can get to people with whom you share a little office space - eight hours a day, for over three months, no less. I still have a lot of independent work to do, and I’m sure I’ll visit them occasionally during this year and all, but wow I’m really gonna miss seeing those folks on a daily basis. :<

Next Monday, back to the university.

It has been a kind of rainy and glum day so I entertained myself by watching old video clips of Nemo. I thought I’d share this one from the last December - a baby ragdoll vs. a candy wrapper… :D


Anonymous asked:

Can you link to the mod that lets you change expressions?

Heh, I downloaded so much stuff at once so it took some digging, but Lively Lovely Screenie has some expressions. Bear in mind that it requires SKSE and Fus Ro D-oh to work. I used the expressions in character creation, though, and that requires the RaceMenu - which is an absolutely magnificient mod, by the way. Can’t function without it anymore… :D

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